Training and Supervision - Is it working for you?

Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) need to ensure the safety of their work environment, plant and equipment, use of chemicals and adhere to the Safe Systems of Work (OHS System) through information, instruction, training and supervision. 

Is your training and supervision working for you? To think about whether training and supervision is effective, examine your current systems and consider the following: 

What type of documentation is included in your OHS System?  Do you have Training records, details of training course content, a supervisor’s spot checklist and supervision record, records of employee’s external qualifications, external accreditation, and competency checks? 

Ask the following questions to see if you could imAre people trained before starting a task? 

  • Are existing staff retrained after any long absences such as long service leave?

  • Do employees attend general safety training for issues such as risk management, manual tasks and workplace harassment? 

  • Has the annual evacuation drill been implemented & recorded?

  • Are people’s competency qualifications regularly checked, e.g. are forklift licences current for all forklift operators?

  • Do your training records include the name of the trainer and their signature?

  • Can a person’s training record be linked to course content, e.g. a SWP?

  • Does supervision occur on a regular basis (daily or at set intervals)?

  • Do supervisors know how to supervise effectively?

  • Do supervisor’s records include the name of the supervisor and their signature?

For employees to be able to complete their duties in a safe way, an employer has obligations to ensure that employees are trained and supervised in the correct manner. This will not only make your employees aware of their safety obligations but will increase their performance and effectiveness in a workplace.prove your existing OHS system:

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